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Have you ever wanted a simple reference guide, one that quickly describes exactly what each of these Lin Howe events and programs are?  Here it is – the ABCs of Lin Howe Events and Programs!














Art is very important to the Lin Howe community.  We are proud to offer an art lesson to every classroom nearly every week.  Weekly lessons are a combination of 12 CCUSD funded visual arts lessons and 8 Boosters funded integrated art lessons from our Booster funded art teacher.  Art lessons are completely integrated into the lessons being taught by each grade.




This event takes place the second week of school.  It’s an important night where parents go into their child’s classroom and hear their teacher speak about what the students will focus on during the year.  Parents can ask questions and meet and mingle with other parents in your child’s class. In addition to the in-classroom meeting, everyone convenes in the cafeteria where the principal, PTA, Boosters and CCEF share details about important programs and upcoming events.  This is a parent-only event.



Held two times throughout the school year and organized by the Green Team, Beautification Day is when Lin Howe families come together on a Saturday or Sunday to help keep our school looking great.  There’s always plenty to do from planting to weeding to picking up garbage and so much more.  It’s a fun way to get involved and maybe even learn a new skill!



Lin Howe PTA hosts two Book Fairs during the school year.  Load up your kids’ brains with amazing books while adding to the PTA fund and supporting our school library!  New books in the library circulation benefit ALL of our Sea Dragons.  The Book Fair takes over the whole library and each class visits the Fair.  Teachers also create wish lists for their classroom libraries.  Families can shop anytime before and after school as well as one Saturday afternoon.



Bi-Monthly Meetings— The Boosters holds bi-monthly meetings at various off-campus locations.  The meetings are open to all Lin Howe adults who would like to learn about Boosters and get involved with the programs they sponsor.  Join the Booster email list to be notified of meeting information at info@linhoweboosters.com.

Pledge Drive— This Booster Campaign takes place twice a year, the first two weeks of school and the first two weeks in January.  It raises money for the programs Boosters sponsors (Instructional Aides, Reading Interventionist, Art Teacher, before school Spanish, Growing Great and Gardening lessons, and 5TH grade Pali Science camp to name a few).  Parents are asked to donate what they can, anything is welcome and appreciated.  The suggested amount is a month’s worth of your previous preschool tuition. This is a straight pledge drive to parents with no child involvement.  There are no gifts or activities connected with this fundraiser.  Every dollar raised go directly to the school.

Auction— The Boosters’ Auction is a super fun, adult only evening usually held in March.  The Booster Auction is a chance for Lin Howe parents to socialize, eat, drink and most importantly bid on the silent and live auctions.  Items range from class-made art projects to gift cards, trips, tickets etc.  Tickets to the event are limited, so get them as soon as they go on sale!  The auction is also online so everyone is able to bid on the many fantastic items.




CCUSD stands for Culver City Unified School District.


At Lin Howe character counts.  Every month focuses on a new character trait to encourage all students to be people of character.  Classroom guidance lessons are presented to each class once per month focusing on the character trait of the month.  That month’s character trait is also discussed during morning assemblies and monthly student recognition assemblies.  The six pillars of character are Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.



Chess Tutors is a not-for-profit California Distinguished Educational Service Provider, devoted to the development of life skills and student academic success.  The program’s aim is to give students the confidence that they can learn the strategies and techniques of chess and apply them to every area of their lives.  Students enrolled in Chess Tutors meet on Thursdays after school.  Information about the program along with cost and signup instructions is sent home with each child.


The Lin Howe Choir meets every Wednesday afternoon following school.  The choir is open to 3rd thru 5th graders.  The Choir performs a Winter Concert along with Kindergartners and a Spring Concert with 2nd graders as well as at various community events throughout the school year.



College day is part of the Lin Howe Sailing to Success program.  College Day takes place every second and fourth Thursday during morning assembly.  School Staff are typically introduced during the first College Day by the colleges and universities they attended.  Students are encouraged towear their favorite college shirts or colors.



The LinHowe PTA Committee for Equity is a coalition of parents, teachers, and administrators working toward ensuring race, ethnicity, class, gender, LGBTQAI and disability equity at Lin Howe. We believe our school community is unique in the Culver City Unified School District in its diversity and we should capitalize on that diversity to work toward making sure EVERY child has the opportunity to learn and grow in our school. Our group has four major foci, following research-based best practices to ensure equity in our school: (1) hiring a diverse set of teachers and staff, and providing them research-based training on equity and inclusion; (2) curriculum and instructional practices that are data-driven and student-focused to craft personalized and culturally-relevant pedagogy; (3) funding policies that reflect the importance of equity; and (4) strong communications between parents, teachers, and staff to create an environment where every child and family feel heard and supported in school. Through these four goals, we are confident that we can make LinHowe a place that works for every child and their family.



Cornucopia is Lin Howe’s after-school enrichment classes.  These classes are provided by a third party and are open to all students though some classes are for specific grade levels.  Information about classes, cost, and signing up is sent home with each student and can also be found in the school office.


Coinciding with Halloween, the annual costume parade starts on the blacktop and travels through the CCUSD district office.  Students (& staff!) dress up in costume for this fun event.  All parents/siblings/families are welcome to walk with the parade, as it leaves from the playground immediately after assembly and does not go through school grounds.  An alternate activity is provided for students who do not wish to participate in the parade.




This is a fundraiser event for the whole family, typically taking place on a Wednesday night.  Playing
cards are sold at school the week before the event and can be used anytime.  This year’s fundraiser
will go towards the 5TH grade class.





The Lin Howe Facebook page is a PTA & Boosters co-run page.  The Facebook page is run and organized by parents of the PTA and Boosters and has guidelines for posting.  It’s a great way to keep up to date with school related issues and connect with other Lin Howe Families.  Search for the page and ask to be friends.  A school appointed monitor will accept you after a brief screening questionnaire.


Lin Howe is more than a school, it’s a community.  Nowhere is this more apparent than at our PTA sponsored Family Fun Nights! All FFNs are free of charge and open to all Lin Howe families.  There are typically three Family Fun Nights throughout the school year.  The first kicks off in September with a themed event, followed by our Gingerbread House making FFN in December, and finally our themed FFN in late May.  Not only are Family Fun Nights great community builders, but they also take a community to make happen.  We’re always looking for help with planning or volunteering before, during or after the event, so don’t forget to signup for a volunteer shift!



Farm Fresh to You is an organic food delivery company that brings California-grown fruit and vegetables directly to your door.  They’ve partnered with our school to donate 10% of all proceeds from purchases by Lin Howe supporters.  Simply use the “vikings” promo code when ordering at farmfreshtoyou.com.



PTA is proud to fund at least one field trip for every grade level at Lin Howe.  Students and teachers enjoy going off campus for a special experience, and a parent volunteer or two are often included.



This is the student group that focuses on the 5R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Ride and Rethink!  The Green Ambassadors attend meetings where they learn about ways to be sustainable and then share that information with their classmates.




This is the parent run volunteer team that works to ensure Lin Howe is thinking and functioning in the most sustainable, earth friendly ways.  The Green Team organizes two school Beautification Days throughout the year to help keep our school looking beautiful.  It’s a great way to get involved!



All Lin Howe Sea Dragons benefit from a series of nutrition education lessons from a trained instructor utilizing a curriculum from Growing Great (www.growinggreat.org), a non-profit organization that promotes healthy food choices through hands-on education programs.




This is Lin Howe’s walking school bus.  Students and parent volunteers meet Friday mornings from two locations to walk to school together.  Join us at Carlson Park at 8:10 am or Ince/Carson at 8:20 am, or join in along the way. Students are given a tag to be scanned and an opportunity to win a prize during that day’s morning assembly.



K-2 students experience instrumental music through the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra.  Third graders work with recorders.  While 4TH and 5TH graders can opt into instrumental music.




Lin Howe Boosters raises funds to provide one-on-one and small-group Instructional Aide assistance in our kids’ classrooms.



Taking place towards the end of the school year, International Night is fun for the whole family.  Lin Howe families gather outside, many enjoying a picnic dinner, and watch the show.  All grade levels take turns performing dances from around the world.



This event is typically organized by the physical education teacher.  Students are asked to get sponsorships to jump rope.  The money raised is given to the American Heart Association to help fight heart disease.



This is the culmination of kindergarten, typically taking place a couple of days prior to the last day of school.  Everyone gathers in the cafeteria for a tribute then makes their way to the kinder yard for a
special party.





Kinder/New Parent Orientation is an optional event that takes place in early to mid September.  There are typically two opportunities to attend, one evening and one morning session.  Extra info is given to
help parents feel acclimated to the school and answer questions.



Lin Howe’s annual talent show is held in January.  Students attend auditions, dress rehearsal and then perform during the Friday night show.  So many Sea Dragons participate (acts are no more than three minutes in length) highlighting their singing, dancing, instrumental, comedic and other talents.  Most performers start working on their acts over the winter break.  It’s a fun night for all!




Math Olympiads is a math enrichment program for 4TH and 5TH grade students excelling in mathematics.  Dr. Frand is a retired UCLA math professor who generously donates his time and resources to run the program.  In March, Lin Howe hosts a tournament where students from across LA County compete.



Lin Howe kicks off every school day with morning assembly on the blacktop.  The principal shares announcements and kids from different grades take turns leading the school in the Pledge of Allegiance and Viking Pride chant.  Parents are welcome to stay for morning assembly.  On rainy mornings, assembly is held in the school cafeteria.



OCD is short for the Office of Child Development.  OCD is part of CCUSD.  It offers fee based and income eligible preschool programs, before and after care programs for TK-5, and summer camps for K-5.  Vanessa San Martin is the director.  Their phone number is 310-842-4230.

Club Viking— After school child care, for TK and Kindergarten students.  Meets in room 27.
KIK— After school child care, for 1st grade students.  Meets in room 28.
SACC—After school child care, for 2nd and 3rd grade students. Meets in room 29.

Club 14— After school child care, for 3rd – 5th grade students.  Meets in room 14.





Held in February, Open House offers an opportunity for parents to go inside their child’s classroom to see what they’ve been working on throughout the year.  Students are excited and proud to show off their work and give a tour of their classroom.  Teachers are present to answer questions. The first grade class typically kicks off Open House by performing a song and dance in the courtyard.



Parent Conference dates are in mid-December.  This is a time to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss progress, concerns, etc.  These are 1:45 pm early dismissal days.




Apex Fun Run— This jog-a-thon is an annual event where all Lin Howe students jog laps around the field to raise money for our school.  It’s so much more than a jog-a-thon and fundraiser though.  Apex combines fitness, fundraising and leadership into a powerful united event that builds character education for our students.  Apex coaches are on hand throughout the week teaching lessons, and teachers act as coaches for their classroom teams.  This is the only big fundraiser for the Lin Howe PTA—students can ask their friends and family to sponsor them either per lap or a flat donation for participation.  Beginning in late November, students are grouped by grade and enjoy fun music and check marks on their Apex t-shirt as they rack up their laps.   This is a great volunteer opportunity - it’s so gratifying and fun to see the smiles and pride the students display as they complete laps!


Membership Drive— We kick off the school year with our annual membership drive.  It’s $6 to become an official PTA member, though many people “round up” to $10 per membership so that even more funds can go back to our various programs.  A membership can be purchased for all members of your family - parents, children, grandparents, etc. We strive for 100% participation as the funds raised go right back into helping our school.


Monthly Meetings— Typically held the second Thursday of each month from 6-7pm in the teachers lounge, the PTA monthly meeting is open to all Lin Howe adults who want to learn about what the PTA is working on and to get involved.  Free babysitting (from local Girl Scout Troops) and pizza are available for kids in the cafeteria while the meeting takes place.  Come join us!


In early November, the 5TH grade class travels to Pali Institute for three days and two nights of exploration, dissection (can you say squid guts?) and inspiration.  They hike, shoot arrows with bows, star-gaze, climb trails and ropes, take leaps of faith, make art from nature, and most of all, they bond. While the 5TH grade parents hold their own fundraising drive to help pay for this epic experience, the Boosters contribute to the 5TH grade Pali Camp fund to ensure every student can go on this amazing trip.



This is the day where student portraits and class photos are taken for the new school year.  It usually occurs in mid September.  There is also a make-up day for any student who was absent that day, enrolled late or a retake is needed.  This usually occurs a month after the original picture day.



This is the culmination of 5TH graders, typically taking place a couple of days prior to the last day of school.  Everyone gathers in the cafeteria for a tribute then stays for a special party.




Marlene Gaines is Lin Howe’s very own full-time reading intervention specialist.  In addition to reading intervention, Marlene has been working with Meera Ichharam (a Booster-funded instructional aide) to pilot a new math intervention program at Lin Howe.  Last year, over half of the students who needed extra reading and math help during the first trimester were “exited” back to their classrooms, now meeting or exceeding their grade level benchmarks.



Reflections is a nation-wide arts appreciation and recognition program for students, sponsored by the National PTA.  To participate, Lin Howe students may submit an original piece of their own independent work, inspired by the annual theme, in any of the following six areas:  Dance/ Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Photography, Music Composition and Visual Arts (2D and 3D).  Reflections kicks off in the Fall, and entries are due in mid-October.




This is Lin Howe’s college and career program where students are surrounded with information, enthusiasm and the belief they can accomplish anything they put their energy and mind to.  Every second and fourth Thursday of each month is “College Day” and a school wide Career Day is held each year.  All 5th grade students also have the opportunity to tour a Southern California college campus.



Participating students showcase their science project in the cafeteria before judges.  All science projects remain on display for all Lin Howe families to view in the Spring.  Science Fair awards are given during morning assembly that week.  Encouraged for all grades but typically required for fifth graders.



Lin Howe’s Spanish language enrichment program that meets before school three days per week (Tu, We, and Th from 8-8:30am).  Registration forms are distributed to students in class and are also available in the office the first week of school.  The Spanish Language Program is primarily funded by the Boosters and a small fee is charged per student for classroom supplies and materials.  Classes are taught by teachers fluent in Spanish using an immersion method and are organized by grade level into class sized groups.  This is a great opportunity to get involved either as a paid teacher (must be fluent in Spanish) or as a volunteer.



The Lin Howe PTA Special Needs Committee is an informal, parent-led group that works closely with school faculty and staff to ensure that children of all abilities are visible and supported in our school and community.  We organize special assemblies, classroom readings, and other activities to increase understanding and empathy for students who are differently abled.  There also is a Parent Resource book center that addresses an array of social, emotional and developmental issues for our children at the LinHowe library.  For more information, contact co-chairs Lindsay Crain (raininla4@yahoo.com) and Gabrielle Zadra (gzadra@hotmail.com).



Held in February and open to both 4TH and 5TH graders.



Look for the Spirit Wear table at Lin Howe functions throughout the year, and during Spirit Wear drives when order forms go home in backpacks.  Spirit wear is our line of clothing that features multiple Lin Howe and Viking logo designs.  It offers a fantastic assortment for kids and adults including tees, sweatshirts and caps.  Part of the Lin Howe community is showing our Viking pride, and this is a great way to do it!


The School Site Council is comprised of parents, teachers, school staff members, and the principal.  All members are elected by the group they represent and serve two year terms (with the exception of the principal).  This group discusses the school site plan (including school-wide goals), the school safety plan, and some school spending.



The school website address is http://linhowe.ccusd.org. It can also be found by going to CCUSD.org, go to “our schools” tab and click on LINWOOD HOWE.


All important information is located there.  The calendar is located under the parent tab.  A list of teachers (staff directory), with an option to e-mail the teachers, is under the “about us” tab.  This is a great way to communicate with teachers.  Also, PTA and Booster information and event updates can
be found on the website.



Symphonic Jazz Orchestra is a K-3 music program.  Professional musicians visit classrooms at Lin Howe to teach students about music and musical instruments.


Unlike regular Parent Teacher Conferences, where teachers meet with ALL students, these are teacher requested conferences.  The teacher will let you know if they would like to schedule a conference time.   Targeted Parent Conference Dates are in the Fall & Spring.  These are also early dismissal days at 1:45 pm for all students.




Lin Howe celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week in May with a staff breakfast, luncheon and other special events throughout the week.  Room Parents also organize specific gifts for teachers.  It’s a great way to show our appreciation for all they do!



In December the Lin Howe Choir along with La Ballona kick off the Culver City’s annual tree lighting ceremony that takes place at the downtown plaza.  Lin Howe typically has a restaurant sponsor that evening so Viking families can enjoy dinner before the tree lighting while earning money for the school.



Lin Howe has an amazing vegetable garden, with a garden bed for each grade level.  Parent volunteers help students plant the garden.  When it’s harvest time, students pick what they’ve grown and enjoy eating a salad made by their own crops!




In order to be able to volunteer in the classroom, enter the room during the day, or go on field trips you need to have completed the volunteer registration process.  It takes a few weeks so start ASAP. The front office can guide you through the process.  Forms are available on the school website, under
the parent tab.



Is an organization that encourages kids to walk, bike, skate or scoot to school.  There are events twice a year to help bring awareness to the community.  Dance/Walk to School Day typically takes place in October and leaves from City Hall on the way to Lin Howe.  National Bike to School Day typically takes place in the Spring and leaves from the Culver City downtown plaza on the way to Lin Howe.




We Tell Stories is a K-3 grade program.  This program consists of artists who seek to educate and nurture students through storytelling and theatre.  Their performances blend storytelling and audience participatory theatre to bring world folklore, fairy tales, literature, legends, and mythology to joyful life.



Comes out at the end of the year and is filled with photos from throughout the school year.  Pictures range from class photos to Family Fun Nights and many other school events.  Pre-order one when the form comes out in the spring.  To create the yearbook, parents are asked to send high resolution
photos of classroom events, field trips and school events to the the Yearbook Committee.




Young Storytellers is a fifth grade program.  Approximately ten fifth graders are chosen each fall and each spring to participate.  Each student is paired with a professional writer who mentors the student.  The mentor works with each student to assist the student in creating a short play.  The culminating event is The Big Show.  At The Big Show, professional artists come to Lin Howe and perform each of the student’s plays.  All fourth and fifth graders are invited to watch the production.